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Microsoft Edge is a newest web browser developed by Microsoft and included in Windows 10. With its large number of new features, this browser is getting better and better. The main difference between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge is – IE had very limited support for newer media while Edge is fully equipped with high-quality support for HTML5 and other media content.

Since the browser is new, there are several kinds of issues related to compatibility, installation and uninstallation, configuration etc. which users get related to the Edge browser.

There are various kinds of technical issue and guides which may not be available on the internet. If you are too facing these issues with your Edge Browser, you can contact our Edge Browser customer support at +1-833-348-5444 and we will provide you a complete guide to configure your browser.

In some cases, Antivirus and firewall software interfere with the proper working of browsers. This may lead to unnatural browsing. So, if you are facing similar issues regarding the same don't hesitate, just call our Edge browser technical support number and we will help you.

Call our Edge Browser Helpline +1-833-348-5444

Issues related to Microsoft Edge browser

  1. Edge has troubles in the loading process due to slower process.
  2. Users passwords fail to work on Edge.
  3. Cortana doesn't work in Edge.
  4. The text is too small to read.
  5. Flash Player fails to work and doesn't install it.
  6. Users fail to hear any sound in Edge.
  7. Users try their best to solve issues, but nothing happens.
  8. Edge browser hangs off more often or cannot connect easily.
  9. Webpages showing-‘ there is a problem.’
  10. The occasional website "has a problem" or "needs Internet Explorer".
  11. Users can't block ads and save web pages with the new browser.
  12. Drag-and-drop loading fails to work for SharePoint.
  13. Skype for Business Online doesn't work.

By dialing our toll-free phone numbers for Edge Browser Support +1-833-348-5444 for Windows Browser Support, you can avail instant Internet Explorer help and put an effective end to all the problems and issues you are experiencing with you Edge browser. We will help you troubleshoot all warning messages and other technical related challenges and errors.

Using Microsoft Edge you may face issues related to networking, configuration, installation, hardware, software and websites. One cannot resolve these technical issues by themselves and need an expert technician who is well-versed with these technical issues.

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  1. 24x7 availability
  2. Our well-versed technicians highly certified in this particular field and can solve any of your complex Edge browser issues in minutes.
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